Don't Take Me Home Tour!!!

After having the most amazing experience of touring my music around Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands, I'm so so happy to announce that in just under a month I will be back on the road - heading to Italy and Austria, organised by my wonderful tour manager Ian at @scorpiopromotions

I'm beyond excited to be embarking on my third tour this year, I never thought Earthbound would take me this far.. I'm even getting to play at my first Sofar Sounds. I have dubbed this one the 'Don't Take Me Home' tour as I'm reeeeeeally hoping Boris Johnson doesn't ruin my halloween with a no deal Brexit and I don't get deported! Keep your fingers crossed for me..

I've also got some brand new merch for this tour with 'Made of Stronger Stuff' tote bags.. because I'm all about that sustainable lifestyle so make sure you get yours at my shop page - they're selling fast!



Acoustic Album OUT NOW!

Earlier this year I released my debut album, Earthbound, which included an acoustic version of its title track. I had such a lovely reception from you all that I decided to an acoustic version of the whole album!

I'm so excited to bring you out a whole album of acoustic versions, just me and my guitar or piano as the songs were originally written.. (and the occasional Jordan harmonica solo!) I love the production on the album, but think there's something really personal about the rawness of acoustic music.

The album will be released worldwide on all digital platforms on Friday 6th September to celebrate the start of my first international tour across Europe.

I really hope you enjoy listening to the stripped back versions, don't forget to let me know your favourite songs!

Eleri plays Glastonbury 2019!

Still can’t quite believe I’ve ticked this one off my bucket list! It’s every musicians dream to play the legendary Glastonbury festival and I’m so thankful for the lovely folks at The Greenfield’s Stage for inviting me to perform this year. I got to shout ‘GOOD MORNING GLASTONBURY’ across a field full of festival goers on the Sunday morning on the same stage that I had watched Billy Bragg perform the day before.

Glastonbury is my favourite festival and I look forward to returning next year!




✨ Earthbound, my debut album ✨

I’m so so excited and slightly overwhelmed to release so much music into the world! It’s been about two years in the making but I’m so proud of every single song and I really hope you like it.

To the amazing talented people who helped me make this album happen know that I am so so grateful and I will get around thanking every one of you!


Earthbound (Acoustic) OUT NOW

The last single before my album drops (in just two weeks) .. is a totally stripped back acoustic version of the title track ‘Earthbound’!

Before I wrote the song this song I had a huge spell of writers block and started experimenting with different guitar tunings after an inspiring writing session with a good friend of mine.

I also had a whole lot going on in my personal life and wrote Earthbound in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep for thoughts running through my mind.

This song was a huge catalyst that reshaped my songwriting style and ultimately formed my album.. so I really wanted to share this version with just me and my guitar, exactly as I wrote it back at 4am on July 11th 2017. ♥️

As always recorded and produced by the wonderful Lee House. x


First Album Review - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(Belles & Gals)

Earthbound had its first review this week, ahead of it’s release on April 12th. Lovely lovely words from Laura at Belles & Gals - The home of female country music in the UK.

It’s amazing to be recognised as one of the UKs fast rising country artists.. I’ve worked so so hard on this album and I could not be more excited for you all to hear it!

“The UK Country scene is growing at a rapid pace and it won’t be long until Eleri Angharad is a name on everyone’s lips”
— Laura Klonowski, Belles & Gals

Earthbound Acoustic - BBC Radio Wales Preview

My last single before the album will be out on March 29th and it's a totally stripped back version of the title track 'Earthbound' - featured last night on BBC Radio Wales. 

Well there's been so many exciting things to do I've rather neglected writing all my news into an email.. but I've got a few more announcements and fun content to release in the lead up to my Album.. out on April 12th. Less than 5 weeks away!!! 

This week, I'm announcing the final single before the album - a completely stripped back acoustic version of the title track 'Earthbound'. Out on March 29th - just me and my guitar, exactly the way it was first written. I'm also so happy that the lovely Adam Walton gave it it's first spin on BBC Radio Wales last week, and if you want to listen to the song before it's out you can get the show on catch-up.. 'Earthbound' is played at 2:36:55

Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales Show HERE:

EARTHBOUND (acoustic)).jpg

Smokey Steel Lights - NEW SINGLE OUT NOW

I started writing this song in my car on a five hour drive home from London, amid countless diversions from the motorway..

Passing the sights of South Wales, I saw the place my grandparents met, the town my dad grew up in..

When I saw the Port Talbot steel works all lit up it was the most beautiful sight in the world to me as it meant I was almost back home to see the people I love, have a decent cup of tea and my own bed! 

So this song is my love song to Port Talbot - but it's really a song about driving home at the end of the day. We filmed this video in and around the town as it's so so personal to me.

I hope you love my love song and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and home too!

Filmed by the lovely guys at Shot by South Paw

Album Launch Party!

Hi guys!

As you know, I’ve been busy this past year recording my first ever album ‘Earthbound’. I can now officially announce that it will be released on April 13th 2019, with a launch in Cardiff!

I’m so excited to be collaborating with RARE Cardiff to bring you an Album Launch Party with a difference! We have worked hard to bring the album to life so you can walk into a country style barn, decked out beautifully with flowers, lights and artwork. It'll be MAGiC!

I will be accompanied by band members: The Blue Js and supported by two amazing acts: Asha Jane and Christian Punter. Physical copies of my album will be available on the night, and it will be released on digital platforms shortly afterwards.

Please come along and celebrate with me as I take a huge step in this crazy musical life, and come and listen to songs I have poured by whole heart into.

Tickets Available at:




After nearly 2 years I finally have NEW MUSIC for you! 

This Ship was written about two people who feel like they’re constantly on stormy seas, trying to ride each wave and keep off the rocks. 

I really hope it can empower someone to realise you can always take control, sink the ship and walk away with your head held high! 

I have been so lucky to work with amazing creative folks on this track - Recorded and produced by the incredible Lee House at Woodcroft studios, Featuring instrumentals from Rusty Shackle’s Scott Mckeon & Photography by the fantastic Lauren Pitson. 

Also special thanks to Matthew Evans for his songwriting guidance and support all year! 



Journey To Earthbound #3: INFLUENCES

A few months ago everyone on Facebook was picking their favourite 9 or 10 albums.. I’m late to the party because it has honestly taken me this long to possibly narrow it down! I thought I’d do a little twist on that, as I get to the end of recording my album and look at my top influences for Songwriting, Lyrics, Style and Sound.  I think I’ve just about done it.. so here is a little review of my top 9 albums, plus some extras at the bottom.. and probably ALL OF THE ADJECTIVES I KNOW! 


So in no particular order...

Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer, Different Park

“ Soulful, Sassy, Sad & Sarcastic” 

I loved Kacey Musgraves since hearing her at C2C fest and quickly bought all three of her albums! Be prepared to laugh out loud at her sassy, hilarious lyrics, alongside a blend of old school and modern country vibes. Definitely draw some inspiration for my own production! 

“If you can’t lose weight then you’re just fat, but if you lose too much then you’re on crack” - she quite literally cracks me up! 

Song Pick: Follow Your Arrow



Gabrielle Aplin - Miss You EP

“Short, Honest & Dramatic” 

Loved hearing her sound progress over the past few years, Aplin has nailed it with this one. In Miss You she captures the aftermath of a breakup perfectly with a new quirky pop sound. Although the acoustic piano version is just as beautiful. Lyrically imaginative and so honest, she really paints a picture. 

Song Pick: Miss You



Lorde - Melodrama

“Just WOW, honest, heart wrenching, bizarre lyrical genius”

Weird Pop music that I just love! It’s hard to say what stands out most, the breathtaking range of husky vocals, honest, biting lyrics or bizarre production sounds. Somehow it all ties together on this incredible melodramatic record! A huge lyrical inspiration for me: ‘Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark’ - GENIUS!

Song Picks: Liability// Writer In The Dark// Hard Feelings .. (EVERY SINGLE SONG BASICALLY)



Andy Shauf - The Party

“Beautifully heartfelt, introspective and observant”

Discovered this guy from a cover on instagram by Lennon Stella (who is also incredible!) and became obsessed for about a week, listening constantly. The Party is a concept album, all set on the same night at a house party. Shauf goes into almost stream of consciousness poetry with his lyrics and gives a real insight into his mind and the messy relationships between friends. ‘I’m spilling my drink as I really start, tearing one of my best friends apart’ The sound is almost like circus music, quirky and ever so slightly unnerving. I just like it. 

Song Pick: Quite Like You 



The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow

“Harmonies to break your heart”

So sad to hear this band split up as their Alt-country sound and gorgeous vocal harmonies are so incredibly stunning! Atmospheric, mesmerising and almost erotic. Poison and Wine in particular is a beautiful song with it’s heartbreaking hook ‘I don’t love you but I always will’ repeated anthemically. 

I also love their collaboration with Taylor Swift: ’Safe & Sound’ from the Hunger Games films. 

Song pick: Poison & Wine 



Joni Mitchell - Blue

“Intricate melodies, soaring vocals and pure poetry”

Lovely raw, acoustic sound, Joni’s are almost poetry put to music alongside a blend dramatic guitar strums and intricate finger picking. Fantastic lyrics on both of these song picks, ‘I wanna renew you again and again’ (All I Want) and ‘Part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time’ (Case Of You). 

Song Picks: A Case Of You// All I Want



Meg & Dia - Something Real

“Powerful melodic rock, punchy lyrics and painful subject matter”

There’s something so powerful about Meg & Dia’s harmonies over the backdrop of heavy, raw guitar sounds. I loved listening as a teenager and taking apart their lyrics to try and work out the meanings behind each song. So much emotion on every track! ‘Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams’ 

Song Picks: Roses// Monster



Catatonia - International Velvet

“My favourite Welsh band” 

My parents loved this album, a firm favourite in our car as we twisted and turned the winding roads of mid-Wales, with about 5 huge maps (yes, actual paper maps!) - causing car sickness and more than a little ‘Road Rage’. Wonderful, Welsh rock with real substance, crazy song titles and intriguing lyrics for my ten year old brain to ponder over. 

I was also incredibly lucky to have been writing recently with Owen Powell, one of the guitarists and writer of one of my favourite songs. Our co-write ‘Never Get To Say Goodbye’ is gonna be Track no. 8 on my album!!!

Song Picks: Strange Glue// Goldfish & Paracetamol (How are those for song titles!?!) 



Taylor Swift - Speak Now

“Nostalgic, Confessional, Beautiful, Innocent, Painful - Like reading my own diary”

Of course Miss Taylor had to feature being my main inspiration and influence to start writing songs back when I was ‘Fifteen’. I love every single album but ‘Speak Now’, written solely by Swift is so heartfelt and beautiful; Pure nostalgia for me and takes me straight back to my first year of university and writing lyrics in my lonely dorm room. She connects and transports like the smell of an exes old t-shirt. ‘And I go back to December all the time’ 

‘The girl in the dress cried the whole way home’ - classic Swift!

Song Picks: Dear John// Long Live// Back To December (Oh just listen to the whole thing.. <3) 



Extra Listening (cause who can only pick 9 right? Also I clearly have a bias towards female singer songwriters.. )

Roxanne Emery - For Weddings & A Funeral 

Colbie Caillat - CoCo 

Jade Bird - Something American 

Sam Gardner - Traumatic Honey 

Ashley Campbell - The Lonely One 

Katie Melua - Piece by piece 

Ed Sheeran - + 

Gabrielle Aplin - English Rain 

Lauren Aquilina - Isn’t it strange? 

Clare Bowen - Little By Little

Lennon Stella - Like Everybody Else

The Beatles - Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds 

Ward Thomas - Cartwheels 

Carter Sampson - Wilder Side

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James



Journey To Earthbound #2: Writer's Block, Tips & Song Titles REVEALED!


As you may have seen on my Instagram I FINISHED MY ALBUM THIS WEEK!!! After a bluesy, empowering, girl power co-write with the hugely talented writer and performer Naomi Rae, ‘Stronger Stuff’ became the final song to make it’s way onto a collection of 12 for my debut album.. so I thought I’d write a little blog post about how I wrote this album, and tips on how to get over writers block!


A year ago I started scribbling lyrics down on a paper bag after a long spell of not creating anything.. I had dedicated my Summer to doing as many writing sessions with other Welsh musicians, friends and fellow artists but was still feeling quite uninspired. But sitting in Rebecca Hurn’s living room, exploring new tunings surrounded by guitars and puppies I had a little spark of lyrical inspiration and as soon as I got home I wrote the title track ‘Earthbound’.


In September 2017 I joined an MA Songwriting Course in Cardiff and was so excited to meet and work with even more writers and have the discipline of having to write a song every week. Soon every Sunday (I’m a last minute kinda gal..) I was scribbling out lyrics and chords and across the year I wrote 8 of the tracks for my upcoming album. It’s amazing what you can get done in a short amount of time when the pressure is on!


Along with the writing I was exploring new guitar sounds, bluesy playing styles, new musical inspirations and artists and jamming with other musicians to form a band. (that’ll be next week’s blog!)


This Summer I was very lucky to meet Owen Powell, guitarist and writer for my favourite childhood band Catatonia and together we penned one of the final album tracks: a nostalgic country pop ballad ‘Never Get To Say Goodbye’.

She’s a harmony machine
— Owen Powell, songwriter


So Eleri’s top songwriting tips would be:

1.    Set aside the time and give yourself a deadline

2.     Explore new musical styles and influences

3.     Don’t be afraid to write with other people


Thank you for your continued support… Stay Tuned for next week’s blog about recording with my best friends and forming a band!

Journey To Earthbound #1


Sooo folks, as you may be aware from my recent online posts, I have been super busy writing lots of new songs! I’ve learned a lot, explored different sounds and really developed my style over the past year to produce some of my best work yet.


The plan was to release another EP in 2018, but with so many songs that I really really love, and so many stories to tell I can’t possibly choose. So I have created a full Album of work to share with you. From time spent gigging and travelling from Sweden to Chicago, but mostly along the M4, the songs are inspired by my favourite people, places and the best feeling of coming home at the end of the day. It’s an exciting project and so much bigger than anything I’ve done!


            I want to take you all along for the ride in this blog, with insights into everything I’ve been getting up to, co-writing sessions with new faces, days in the recording studio, writing fiddle solos with my best friends, photo shoots and videos…  and the endless hours in coffee shops brainstorming and procrastinating! (currently spilling peanut butter toast crumbs on my laptop as I type..)


So expect photos, videos, blog posts, gigs and a BRAND NEW SINGLE coming out this Autumn.


            Lots of love, and thank you for following along with me,


Photo Credit: Lauren Pitson Photography


Myself and the gorgeous singer/songwriter Laura Benjamin got together this week for some jams and filmed an Acoustic cover of one of our FAVOURITE new songs 'End Game', by Taylor Swift (a huge influence in my music!!) 

Have a little watch below and remember to Like & Subscribe to our Youtube Channels and let us know what you think! We had so much fun filming this, and massive thank you to Brewstone in Swansea for allowing us to use their loft to film!

Plenty more covers and collabs coming soon so make sure you're keeping an eye out, and let me know if you want me to cover anything in particular. Thanks for watching!


Laura's social:
Twitter - Laurabenjmusic
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Instagram - laurabenjaminmusic


Eleri's social:
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Live on U&I Radio

Last week I did a lovely gig at The New Crown, alongside the super talented Evan Gardner and Georgia Patterson, annnnnd it was recorded by Unsigned & Inspired Radio! You can watch the video of my performance below, with some brand new songs in the mix.. new material coming soon guys :D 

Massive thanks to Big Scott for organising the event, and for his lovely review.. 

“Young, vibrant and full of life, Eleri has come a long way since we last heard her on the station a few years back. Energy is abundant mixed with pure passion. She may be small but her vocals are huge!”
Tour Dates