Liverpool Single + Video!

New Single ‘Liverpool’ from BBC Horizons Funded EP ‘All I Can I Do’ is out now!

Eleri Angharad is thrilled to announce the unveiling her new single ‘Liverpool’ from second EP ‘All I Can Do’ released earlier this year through her own label Train Track Records. Recorded in Studio Toy, Cardiff and produced by Lee House (HVNTER, Kaycee, LUK)

‘Liverpool’ has gained attention from local radio stations, TV channels and blogs, including Subba Culture, Nation Radio, Spectrum TV and Made In Cardiff. The song is based around the memories of an individual travelling back to a city with a strong romantic significance and delves into the story of a distant past relationship.

“Liverpool” strikes as the diamond in the rough with a blend of delicate percussion, the high-pitched plunk of piano and Miss Angharad’s caramel-glazed vocals.’ – Nathan Roach, Subba Culture

Eleri has also released a self produced music video, featuring her journey to the famous city itself, to beautifully complement the single, available to view now on YouTube.

‘There’s a trend with music videos at the moment with having more of a ‘home-video’ feel which has more of a personal touch to it, and that’s really what I wanted to capture. The flashbacks and personal memories weaving through the emotional journey of this person as they return to where it all began’

Watch Liverpool Video Here: 






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