Stockholm Adventures

I was recently given the UTMOST pleasure of two performances in Stockholm, Sweden.. We stayed with amazingly talented songwriter Fanny Holm (and her three furry cat babies!) and shared the stage with her at Brian Kramer's International Blues Jam and at the hidden treasure of Folklore centrum! 

Folklore Centrum, run by Izzy Young, originally from New York, is an absolute gem.. think abandoned bookshop come cultural oasis.. and our totally unplugged set went down a treat. The venue is plastered in news articles, musical legends and the iconic Bob Dylan.. whom Izzy gave one of his first gigs in NYC! (Starstruck!) Izzy is perhaps THE most enthusiastic 80-something year old I have ever met and his commitment to discovering new talents is an inspiring rarity. For my first gig in the city, well actually the country, I was pleasantly surprised to play to an almost packed out venue of folks who really had no idea who I was! 

Fanny performed with a similar set up, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica but the style could not have been more different to mine.. deep, rich vocals and a rocky-bluesy edge to the guitar creating heartbreakingly, dark folk songs had us all stunned to silence. 

Then we took to the stage.. or front of the bookshop, and performed two sets, featuring songs from both 'All I Can Do' and 'Ticket to the Sky' EPs, my twist on oldie-but-goodie covers of The Ronettes and The Beach Boys, and I even took a risk with Upcoming Welsh single 'Dal Fi' (COMING SOON!), which went down the best of all! 

So a massive THANKYOU to Fanny Holm, Izzy Young, Brian Kramer, Jordan Shamsaee and Rhys Jones for booking the gig.. my only regret is that we could not stay longer that one weekend..

Buuuut I am thrilled to announce that we have been invited back to play again.. see you in 2017 Stockholm! 




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