Single Review 'Dal Fi' - Welsh Connections

Happy to share with you the first review of my NEW Single 'Dal Fi' by the fantastic Michael Kennedy at Welsh Connections, Oystermouth Radio! 

Diolch yn fawr :)

‘Dal Fi’ is a modern Welsh love song - perfect for St. Valentine’s Day’

Single review.
Artist : Eleri Angharad.
Title :Dal Fi (2017).


There's a vulnerability and yearning in Eleri's voice that you can't help but fall in love with - her songs of a lost and unrequited love touch a part of us because we've all felt it - she, however, puts it into songs. And these songs are never less than magical.
On 'Dal Fi' (or 'Hold Me' for you non-Welsh speakers) Eleri pleads to be held - but in the same breath, and in counterpoint to that vulnerability, tells us not to cry for her.
This is a young girl in love but with that love comes the realisation that all love eventually dies.
'Dal Fi' is a modern Welsh love song - perfect for St. Valentine's Day. Live in the now and live for today.
Recorded at Eastriver Studios with Kevin Jones, this is a beautifully written, performed and produced track. 
Available from February 10th at



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