Journey To Earthbound #4: MEET THE BAND!

 With the iconic Swansea venue Mozarts going out with a final bang this weekend, and bandmate Jordan’s birthday last weekend, it seemed the perfect week for this blog!


So let’s introduce you to my band members: Jordan & Sioned, where we met and how we started playing together, and talk about the importance of grassroots music venues in helping us all along our way! 


Of course Meeeeee: 

Plays: Guitar, Vocals, Piano (& Occasional Kick drum with various degrees of success.. )

Likes: Pizza 

Dislikes: Conservative MPs 😉


Jordan Shamsaee: 


Plays: Harmonica & Bass

Likes: Going to a gig with friends

Dislikes: Work on a Monday Morning 


Sioned Maskell: 


Plays: Fiddle

Likes: Harry Potter

Dislikes: Running out of hand sanitiser!



I first met Jordan at my headline gig at The Scene, Swansea back in 2015 and we soon started playing at all the open mics together.. and the rest is history! Our first gig was at Mozarts, where I held both of my last EP launches and used to run SKYE acoustic night alongside some other amazing musicians and promoters. We play as a duo at nearly all my gigs and this year we met Sioned and became a small band! (Still looking for a drummer and banjoist FYI please get in touch!) 


I supported Sioned’s band FIOLED at The Moon, Cardiff for their Free For All Festival in January 2018.. another grassroots venue on the legendary Womanby St with a great story of being brought back to life by its determined staff after a year brief closure a few years ago. Soon we were besties and Sioned has performed with us in Cardiff and Swansea gigs annnnnd even recorded an incredible solo on my one my tracks!


Starting places for new musicians are so so important in giving us a chance to meet musicians, form bands, perform and put on our own events. I definitely wouldn’t have come this far without Mozarts and I hope with new venues like Creature Sound, Cinema & Co and The Hyst, along with the incredible Swansea Music HUB and their Fringe Festival that new music in Swansea and all across South Wales will continue to flourish!!! 

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