Journey To Earthbound #2: Writer's Block, Tips & Song Titles REVEALED!


As you may have seen on my Instagram I FINISHED MY ALBUM THIS WEEK!!! After a bluesy, empowering, girl power co-write with the hugely talented writer and performer Naomi Rae, ‘Stronger Stuff’ became the final song to make it’s way onto a collection of 12 for my debut album.. so I thought I’d write a little blog post about how I wrote this album, and tips on how to get over writers block!


A year ago I started scribbling lyrics down on a paper bag after a long spell of not creating anything.. I had dedicated my Summer to doing as many writing sessions with other Welsh musicians, friends and fellow artists but was still feeling quite uninspired. But sitting in Rebecca Hurn’s living room, exploring new tunings surrounded by guitars and puppies I had a little spark of lyrical inspiration and as soon as I got home I wrote the title track ‘Earthbound’.


In September 2017 I joined an MA Songwriting Course in Cardiff and was so excited to meet and work with even more writers and have the discipline of having to write a song every week. Soon every Sunday (I’m a last minute kinda gal..) I was scribbling out lyrics and chords and across the year I wrote 8 of the tracks for my upcoming album. It’s amazing what you can get done in a short amount of time when the pressure is on!


Along with the writing I was exploring new guitar sounds, bluesy playing styles, new musical inspirations and artists and jamming with other musicians to form a band. (that’ll be next week’s blog!)


This Summer I was very lucky to meet Owen Powell, guitarist and writer for my favourite childhood band Catatonia and together we penned one of the final album tracks: a nostalgic country pop ballad ‘Never Get To Say Goodbye’.

She’s a harmony machine
— Owen Powell, songwriter


So Eleri’s top songwriting tips would be:

1.    Set aside the time and give yourself a deadline

2.     Explore new musical styles and influences

3.     Don’t be afraid to write with other people


Thank you for your continued support… Stay Tuned for next week’s blog about recording with my best friends and forming a band!

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