Smokey Steel Lights - NEW SINGLE OUT NOW

I started writing this song in my car on a five hour drive home from London, amid countless diversions from the motorway..

Passing the sights of South Wales, I saw the place my grandparents met, the town my dad grew up in..

When I saw the Port Talbot steel works all lit up it was the most beautiful sight in the world to me as it meant I was almost back home to see the people I love, have a decent cup of tea and my own bed! 

So this song is my love song to Port Talbot - but it's really a song about driving home at the end of the day. We filmed this video in and around the town as it's so so personal to me.

I hope you love my love song and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and home too!

Filmed by the lovely guys at Shot by South Paw

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