Journey To Earthbound #1


Sooo folks, as you may be aware from my recent online posts, I have been super busy writing lots of new songs! I’ve learned a lot, explored different sounds and really developed my style over the past year to produce some of my best work yet.


The plan was to release another EP in 2018, but with so many songs that I really really love, and so many stories to tell I can’t possibly choose. So I have created a full Album of work to share with you. From time spent gigging and travelling from Sweden to Chicago, but mostly along the M4, the songs are inspired by my favourite people, places and the best feeling of coming home at the end of the day. It’s an exciting project and so much bigger than anything I’ve done!


            I want to take you all along for the ride in this blog, with insights into everything I’ve been getting up to, co-writing sessions with new faces, days in the recording studio, writing fiddle solos with my best friends, photo shoots and videos…  and the endless hours in coffee shops brainstorming and procrastinating! (currently spilling peanut butter toast crumbs on my laptop as I type..)


So expect photos, videos, blog posts, gigs and a BRAND NEW SINGLE coming out this Autumn.


            Lots of love, and thank you for following along with me,


Photo Credit: Lauren Pitson Photography

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